Marine & Offshore

Based on knowledge and experience, a special maritime division has been developed, a young but experienced team with proven skills and tracks during many years.

In order to offer a total package of services in the maritime and offshore business, we made a team of experts going from nautical, technical to QHSE matters.

Our clients are insurance companies, brokers, offshore related companies, shipowners, charterers, barge owners and fishery industry.


  • Warranty surveys
  • P&I Entry surveys
  • Towing surveys
  • Taxation of vessels/barges/yachts
  • Hull & Machinery surveys

Offshore & Shipping Industry

  • Heavy lift projects: consultancy and surveys
  • Towing surveys
  • Taxation of vessels/barges/yachts
  • Draft surveys
  • Cargo surveys
  • Cargo superintendent / Port captain

Ship Owners

Ship building / ship reconversion
We develop an in-house experience in assisting and consultancy for ship/barge owners in the design, development and assisting in the new building of vessels and barges or even reconversion of barges and vessels.

Implementation of QHSE system management
We assist in the implementation and development of your QHSE and technical management system.

Assisting and consultancy in prevention
° We assist the ship/barge owners in performing QHSE, ISMP/ISPS related, audits.
° CMID accredited team is able to inspect your vessel/barge.
° We are able to perform navigational audits, pre-vetting (SIRE/OVID/CMID)

Damage surveys, claims handling and claims adjustments
In case of incidents we are able to assist you to evaluate the cause and origin of the damage, and handle as surveyor your claim.